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Wise words and awards

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 10th Anniversary party for Tallulah Rose Flower school where I did my floristry training nearly three years ago.

We gathered at the Roman Baths in the centre of Bath for an evening of fun with canapes and plenty of bubbles. It was a lovely opportunity to celebrate with Rachel who set up Tallulah Rose, and catch up with florists from around the country, some of whom I trained with, some I have met at previous social gatherings organised the flower school, and others I have only spoken to via social media.

Rachel and the Tallulah team put on a fabulous, flower filled evening and Emma from Heart Full of Tea did a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the night (credit to her for the photo’s used on this blog).

I was particularly struck by something Rachel said on the night; she spoke about the way we often gloss over our achievements and don’t spend enough time recognising and celebrating them. I have been thinking about this quite a lot since…I am guilty of setting myself goals and once I achieve them I never celebrate my hard work, instead I set another goal and just move on. By the time I got home that night the house was quiet with everyone in bed but the next day I spoke to my husband about this and we agreed we will make more of an effort to celebrate things going forward.

My children have both earned certificates from school in the last month; although we congratulated them at the time we never marked their achievements so last night we went out to eat somewhere at the request of my eldest to celebrate his learner of the week award, and tonight we are going out again to celebrate my youngest winning the school star award – he has asked for a restaurant that does fish and chips 😊

I can’t finish up without mentioning my reason to celebrate! Before the event the past flower school students were asked to vote for our favourite Tallulah’s in the following categories – Best on social media, favourite brand and website, and favourite all round for help, advice and support. The social media category was won by Liberty Lane Flowers, best brand went to Ruby and the Wolf and I won the last one.

It was a massive shock for me (and I was quite emotional as you can see in the photo 😉) but I was really grateful and flattered to be thought of this way and it was a huge confidence boost. I have said it on social media already but I have to say a huge thanks to Rachel and the Tallaulah team for giving me the confidence and knowledge to be where I am now; I supply some amazing florists (including the other two award winners). I already had a strong background in terms of gardening and plant and flower knowledge but my time at flower school helped me to understand what florists of this standard need to create the best impact for their weddings and events.

We have plans this weekend so my celebration has to go on hold for a week or so but it’s in the pipeline.

Do you do enough to celebrate your achievements or is this something you can improve on?

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