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Pipley Recommends - Brookside Nursery

Recently I have had quite a few ideas of things or companies I use which I would like to recommend and I had a bit of a eureka moment (that sounds much more exciting than it really was!) and thought I could include these on my blog….so here is the first of what I hope may be a regular thing. Let me know what you think!

Earlier this year I discovered a nursery I hadn’t bought from before and placed an order for some plugs and plants.

In all honesty I’m not normally bowled over when I have bought things like this before but I was really impressed by what I have received from Brookside Nursery. The plugs they sent were the most healthy I have ever received and the prices were also really good. I only wish I had found them a little sooner as I would have ordered more.

I did wait a while before committing to writing this as in the past I have had plugs delivered that failed, even though they were potted on promptly and cared for well. In the case of the plants from Brookside they have all thrived and I really can’t find anything at all to complain about so I’m very happy to recommend them.

Just to confirm in case anyone wonders I have not and will not receive any benefit to writing this - in fact Brookside don’t even know about this blog….maybe I should inform them but I’m sure they won’t have any issue with a glowing review!

If you do buy anything let me know how you get on.

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