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Pipley Recommends - Slug X

If you’re in to your gardening then you are bound to have struggled with slugs at some point. Luckily there are some plants they just aren’t very interested in but most of us have lost a prized plant or two to them at some point.

One of the things I am dead against is using pesticides and any kind of pest control which causes harm to the environment or other animals and insects. Last year I took a trip to the garden centre in desperation as we had one of those years that was perfect for slugs and my plants at the flower farm were getting hammered!

I always use slug nematodes but the crazy weather had created an environment where the nematodes weren’t thriving as it was too dry so I needed another friendly option and this was when I found Slug X traps by Garland Products Limited.

We all know beer traps are effective but the problem with them is they can get soil kicked in them and also when it rains they fill with water, wasting the beer. The Slug X is very simple - it is a beer trap with a lid but you don’t have to sink it in the ground. This means you don’t get the soil issue or the water issue, and on top of that they are quick to lay down and easy to move.

I fill my traps with the cheapest beer I can find from the supermarket - normally costing about 90p for a pack of 4 tins and this fills about 12 traps. I move my traps around to different areas and this seems to work well as I find if you leave them in the same place for too long the kill rate drops - probably because you have already reduced the population in that area. When I put in new plants or when new leaves come out on my dahlias and other susceptible plants I move the traps there to help offer some protection.

You can buy the traps online or in many garden centres and they tend to cost between £6 and £8 each - money well spent!

Have you got any other good tips for environmentally friendly slug control? Let me know below if you do!

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